What is strategic design?
As opposed to slapping on a logo and picking a color scheme, Strategic Design means analyzing all aspects of a business/product and the world in which it functions. Consider: When the Bat Signal blazed across the Gotham City night sky, criminals fled in terror. The Batmobile, bat-a-rangs, the cape and cowl all added to the terror, creating a consistent Batman brand. Such is the power of strategic design.

At Grazier Design, we help you become a Superhero of business. We work closely with clients to create a look and feel as unique as your company/business/product. Like Batman investigating crime, we help identify your strengths and distinctiveness, then translate it into powerful graphic design that's sure to thrill clients and terrify the competition.

Lorelei Grazier, Principal
Celia Doremus, Strategic Communications & Public Relations
Dirk+Weiss, Web and Mobile Application Developers
Evelyn Hafferty, Designer

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